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AKG Co-op Institute of Health Sciences

HEALTH SCIENCES (AKGCIHS) [Affliated To Kerala University Of Health Sciences] Approved by DME (Directorate of Medical Education,Govt. of Kerala)


History of AKGCIHS

AKG CIHS, a new addition to the health education sector in the northern Malabar region of Kerala was initiated in the year 2017 as a memorial of Com. A K Gopalan.

Sri. A K Gopalan was a remarkable politician, a fabulous orator and a great Parliamentarian in the Indian history and a person who always had a heart dedicated for the upliftment of poor and downtrodden. Therefore, this college is aimed to be a noble deed for serving the community and empowering the students of this institution with meticulous knowledge in the field of health education.

The college functions at the native place of Sri. AKG - Mavilayi which is about 10 kms west of Kannur town and away from the buzz of the town. This institution was created to facilitate health education, training and research.

With the motto being "Exploring new horizons in health care" we aim to bring about an overall positive change in the health education system and provide knowledge in respect to people's Health throughout all stages with the recently developed techniques.

The institution is fully equipped with the modern technologies and brilliant infrastructure so as to motivate the students to learn, develop and create their own ways of approach towards the society. The platform for research is always the utmost priority as the institution commits to refine recent advances in the field of health care.

The mission and vision of the institution is directed to bring the best out of the students and to contribute their part in bringing a new aspect to health care. The younger minds are being well trained with excellent knowledge and tremendous skills.

AKG CIHS comprises 7 diploma courses under the paramedical sector now . It is been approved by the Directorate of Medical Education. The information about other paramedical courses will be updated soon.

“Exploring new horizons in health care”

AKG CIHS confines the devout motto “Exploring new horizons in health care” With the purpose of expanding and searching out for new ideas and experiencing the depths of knowledge so as to give a whole new meaning to health care and broaden our horizons or limitations in implementing the new skills.


We have formed this institution with the sole intention of excelling our students in the health care service and serving the mankind in a noble way. We ought to direct the students in a systematized approach towards their profession and to make them positively influence the community. We will provide the students with the skills needed to make an appropriate decision contributing to the lifelong wellness of the people. We forge to serve the community by ensuring equal access to all irrespective of any bias.


Our vision is to render continuously evolving academics which reflects current research and utilize advanced technology. We seek to maintain a gold standard in the health education system and advance our commitments to excellence in a disciplined and well organized manner. We aspire to bring about an overall positive change in the health education system and provide knowledge in respect to people’s Health throughout all stages.

President’s desk:

For many decades, Kannur Co-operative Hospital Society has delivered Health service to the community. Now, we are proud to present AKGCIHS, our new venture of providing health education to the upcoming generation so as to optimize our service to the society. This institute is very dear to us and we are happy to start this institution with a motive to provide excellent knowledge utilizing recent advances in the education field. We are confident that we can provide the best to you with well equipped technologies and skilled professionals who will impart the best knowledge in the field. Be a part in exploring new horizons in health care through our institution.


Secretary's desk:

It is always a pleasure to reach to the people with this new institution of health care, AKGCIHS. Under the guidance of our President, we are all looking forward to bring up this institution with all the modernized technology and providing the students with the best skills and practices to make them attain great standards in the profession. We commit to grow this institution in the best possible way.

Vikas K | Secretery

Principal's desk :

I am extremely happy and privileged to be a part of this glorious institution 'AKGCIHS’ which has come forward with an innovative idea of promoting educational excellence by training the younger minds. Undoubtedly, this is one of the mightiest institutions with 14 Para medical courses under one common roof. We are seeing the growth of the institution in the long term with no compromise in the education system and always develop this institution with quality education and recent advancement in research activities. Learning is a never ending process and likely there is no end to confer knowledge. I believe we will provide you with efficient skills and be a part of your growth.

Dr.Kamaraj B | Principal